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Fulton Software has provided quality software and services to labour unions to manage their membership and dues records for 30 years. The system runs as a secure web site, accessible from anywhere in the world with the correct user id and password.

Use our Union Membership System to:

  • verify that dues are being remitted properly by the employer
  • find members who owe dues
  • print tax receipts for dues
  • transfer added, changed, and deleted members to the national/international
  • print mailing labels for members and employers
  • mail merge for members and employers
  • print a status report for a member's dues
  • track pension contributions
  • define your own member, employer, and remittance data
  • use two-factor authentication when you login from a new device/location
  • send mass emails to members who have not opted out
  • track grievances and associated communications, incidents, meetings, and participants
  • and much more!

Click Overview for a video overview of the system (about 10 minutes).

Let us give you the convenience of access to your membership records without the cost and hassle of maintaining your own server. We'll maintain and backup a web site with your information, and make sure that you have fast, secure access (using HTTPS) to your data, on any device that can access the web.

Try A Demo System

Please send us an email if you want to try out a demo system! We have a version for Canada, the US, and South Africa.

Contact us via Email or Phone 672-998-7296.
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