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Initial Fee: $4,500 USD, plus taxes (note that monthly fees also apply - see below).

Monthly Fees:

  • Flat Fee: $45 USD per month plus sales taxes (see Note 1)
  • $0.04 USD per active member per month plus sales taxes
  • $15 USD per administrative or read-write user per month plus sales taxes (read-write users are those who can update information; administrative users have read-write access, plus access to administrative functions)
  • $2 USD per read-only user per month plus sales taxes (read-only users are those who only look at information and don't need to update it)

Note 1: Sales taxes are those mandated by the jurisdictions of the buyer and seller.

Once the product is purchased, the rates are frozen for the length of the contract, which can be from 1 - 5 years. When the contract is up, the new rate will be set to 10% below the rate for new users, and will then be frozen for the length of the new contract. If the rates for new users are reduced, all the rates for existing contracts are dropped to 90% of the reduced rates.

If changes to the standard software beyond those normally included for free are needed, it's best to arrange those changes at the time of the initial contract, where they will be billed at a discounted rate of $60 USD/hour plus taxes (regular rate is $100 USD/hour plus taxes).

The source code for the system can be purchased at additional cost. Please see Technical Information or Contact Us

Contact us via Email or Phone 672-998-7296.
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