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The Fulton Software Union Membership System runs as a secure web site that's accessible over the web from anywhere in the world. You use it to track membership, employers, dues, grievances, and other information such as pension contributions, and other user-specified information.


Two-factor authentication when you login from a new device/location

Demographic and status information on members, employers, outside individuals and organizations.

Member payment information, including dues, pension payments, etc. as required.

Multiple contacts and addresses for members and employers, along with outside individuals and organizations.

Employer relationships, e.g., an employer is a subsidiary of another employer, an employer subcontracts to another employer.

Mass Email: Send mass emails to members who have not opted out.

Grievances: information on grievances, people and employers associated with a grievance, incidents related to a grievance, meetings and communications regarding a grievance.

User-defined data: Member, employer, and remittance data defined by you, including text, numbers, date, yes/no, dropdowns.

Quick data entry for payments (such as dues, pension contributions) remitted by employers.

Communications: You can send emails, faxes, texts (SMS), and mail from the system. (A third-party cloud-based service such as ClickSend® or SMSPortal® (SMS only, South Africa) or eFax® (fax only) is required to accomplish this.)

Communication Tracking: All communications to members and employers can be tracked.

Data Import: Import of member, employer, and remittance data.

Data Export: Export of member, employer, and remittance data.

File upload/download: Attachment of files to members, employers, and remittances. For example, you could attach a member's picture to that member's record, a scan of a remittance paper form to the corresponding remittance record, a document to an employer record.

Security: security can be read-write, read-only, or none for each of members, employers, remittances, and/or payment data. Access to reports, imports, and exports can also be controlled.

Backups: Backups of the database on a daily basis, with retention of weekly backups for at least one year. The previous night's backup is always available for download as a Microsoft SQL Server Data Tier Application in XML format.

Cloud Servers: Cost of servers and their maintenance is included in the monthly price. The servers running the system are connected to the Internet at 100mbps or faster, both upstream and downstream.

Source Code: If Fulton Software ceases operation, links to the complete source code will be provided to you.


The demo systems just illustrate what the system can do, and are not definitive. We normally customize our standard system at no charge for each local in the following ways, at a minimum:

  • Types of status for members: active/inactive, member/casual/applicant/non-member, WCB, LTD, Maternity Leave, etc.
  • Additional member, employer, and remittance information as required (user-defined data).
  • Types of amounts to track: gross pay, dues, refunds, fees, etc.
  • Calculation of dues owing: percentage of gross with a minimum/maximum, optionally by employer, flat rate, flat rate by employer, etc.
  • Tax Receipt.
  • Membership Card.
  • Accounting periods of any type (the demos all show accounting periods that are calendar months, but that's easy to change).

Additional Customization: We offer discounted rates for changes included at the time of the initial purchase — please see Prices. Data conversion is also available. Fixed prices quotes can be provided.

The information in your database is always your property, and if you decide to move to another vendor, you will take it with you.

Contact us via Email or Phone 672-998-7296.
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